About Suzanne, continued

​In addition to her creative work, Suzanne has acted as consulting writer and/or editor for clients including the Mayor's Office of the City of New York, the Board of Education of the City of New York, Columbia University, the Arts and Humanities Office of the YMCA of the USA, the Treasure Coast Hospice, the VNA Hospice of the Treasure Coast, designers Charlotte Moss and Diane von Furstenberg, and memoirists including Bill Keeton, winner of the IPPY Award for Southern Nonfiction. Her classes on story structure, memoir and fiction writing, and classic literature are taught to sell-out groups and wide acclaim. She is also a regular reviewer for Publishers Weekly, one of the book industry's leading journals.

Suzanne's belief in the importance of personal stories as well as the transformational power of books helped lead to the founding of Stories of You Books. In addition to creating customized anthologies for organizations, SoYou publishes thought provoking, emotionally powerful, and enduring anthologies, each offering a variety of viewpoints on a single compelling question. Honoring both individual voices and the connections of community, our books celebrate the truths found at the intersection of many stories. 

A lifelong lover of all things 19th century and a writer with a novel set in that period in the works, Suzanne founded and edits Society Nineteen, a digital journal focusing on contemporary authors writing about 19th century experience.

Suzanne resides in Vero Beach, FL. When she is not controlling the lives of imaginary people or encouraging real folks to take creative leaps, she reads avidly, naps, pretends she does yoga, refuses to iron, and tries to wean herself off caffeine. {click here for headshot}

image ©  jans canon on flickr.com