Welcome to my website, where you can find information about my books, biography, and projects.

I can now be found most often at my two other homes on the web:

Stories of You Books publishes thought provoking, emotionally powerful, and enduring anthologies, each offering a variety of viewpoints on a single compelling question. Honoring both individual voices and the connections of community, our books celebrate the truths found at the intersection of many stories. In addition to the books we publish, we also create and consult on customized anthologies for organizations of all kinds.

Society Nineteen, my online journal, offers in-depth interviews with contemporary authors who write about 19th-century events, individuals, issues and experience. If you are interested in history or the Victorians or just a passionate reader, I'm sure you'll enjoy a browse of So19's rich array of interviews, authors and books.

Please note that due to the pressure of other projects, I am not currently taking on new clients for my editing, book structure, or book marketing consulting. Though I'm not posting there any longer, you may find some helpful material or links on my old blog, Working Writer Wonders.

Yours in creative community,

Suzanne Fox